About us

Warter Fuels S.A. is a leading producer and distributor of aviation, racing and alkylate gasoline, which is delivered to over 120 countries around the world.

The refinery in Płock is a merger of long-lasting of activity of the well-known and respected Research and Development Centre (whose origins date back to 1971), its experience in the production of petroleum products, with modern laboratory and technological facilities, constant monitoring of the aviation industry in the world and knowledge of the best specialists.

The paramount value of the company is the quality of products, which is monitored at every stage of production, storage and delivery.

The brands belonging to Warter Fuels include: Warter Aviation (aviation fuels), Warter Pro (alkylate gasoline), Warter Racing (racing fuels).

Warter Fuels is the official manufacturer and distributor of Gulf fuels.

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