Warter Fuels is a leading manufacturer
and distributor of aviation, racing and alkylate gasoline, supplied to over 120 countries around the world.

Warter Fuels Brands

Warter Aviation is a brand dedicated to lead and unleaded aviation fuels for piston engines.

Warter Pro is a brand of ecological alkylate gasoline for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, up to 99% cleaner than regular gasoline.

Warter Racing is a brand of racing fuel intended for supercharged and naturally aspirated engines for the entire range of motorsports.

Gulf Race Fuels

In 2020, Warter Fuels became the official distributor and partner of Gulf racing fuels.

Laboratorium and R&D

Warter Fuels S.A. As part of its research and laboratory activities, Warter Fuels S.A. conducts scientific research, R&D as well as technical and service work in the field of refining and petrochemical industry, environmental protection, including analytical testing in the accredited laboratory (Accreditation Certificate No. AB 297 issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation).

Analytical Department

The Analytical Department specialises in analytical research conducted for the petroleum industry, processing and use of petroleum products and environmental protection, related to the processes of production, distribution and use of fuels.

R&D Department

The R&D conducts research, implementation and service activities in the field of the petroleum and petrochemical industries. These include service, research and design works.


Warter Fuels products are delivered to approx. 120 countries in the world, by land or sea transport. Depending on the customer’s needs, we offer the possibility of delivery by road cisterns, iso-tanks as well as steel drums and canisters. Our logistics department will carry out an order with delivery to any place indicated on the world map. The online Warter Shop is also available to customers.


About us

Production plant in Płock is a continuation of long-lasting activity of the well-known and respected company OBR dealing in the production of petroleum products, which dates back to 1962. Today, Warter Fuels is a leading manufacturer and distributor of gasoline, with modern technical and laboratory facilities that enable the company to adjust the offer to the needs of fuel industry customers around the world. The paramount value of the company is the quality of products, which is monitored at every stage of production, storage and delivery. The company promotes the principles of social corporate responsibility, environmental protection, is involved in and supports various initiatives related to safety, health and sport.

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